Cybersecurity Protector

We aim to become the leading cybersecurity community in the Asia-Pacific region. Elevating the cybersecurity industry through cultivating talents and empowering businesses. Fostering a thriving and secure cybersecurity ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Protector
Cybersecurity Protector


Cybersecurity Workshop

We conduct comprehensive cybersecurity workshops, covering topics such as threat intelligence, network security, and incident response.


We organize cybersecurity events, bringing together industry experts, government officials, and business leaders to discuss the latest trends and challenges in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Research Report

We publish comprehensive research reports on the current state of cybersecurity in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting key threats, vulnerabilities, and recommended strategies for organizations.

Cybersecurity Training Program

We develop customized cybersecurity training programs, focusing on employee awareness, secure coding practices, and data protection.

We offer cybersecurity consultation services to businesses, providing strategic guidance, risk assessments, and recommendations to improve their overall security posture.

NewGround Cybersecurity Recruitment
NewGround Cybersecurity Recruitment
Cybersecurity Recruitment Services

We provide recruitment support for cybersecurity professionals, helping organizations find top talent to strengthen their security teams.

Cybersecurity Consultation

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